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Region of Ontario Covered by Timmins - Gogama - Mattagami - Fishing & Recreation Map
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Timmins cover
Timmins Map Location
Timmins - Gogama - Mattagami - Fishing & Recreation Map
28 x 40 inches (contours are not shown here) - These are simplified pictures of both sides of the map.
Scroll below and you will see the legend and the items that are shown on the map.

Included in the sidebars are town maps of downtown Timmins & Schumacher.

North Side of Map Shown Below:  Night Hawk Lake, Kamiskotia Lake, Moose Lake, Frederick House Lake, Kenogamissi Lake,
McArthur Lake, Radisson Lake, Peterloong Lake, Jowsey Lake, Muskasenda Lakeand many others.
Hwy 144 meets Hwy 101 which goes into the City of Timmins
seen in the middle of the map.   
Timmins North Map
South Side of Map Shown Below:  Mattagami Lake, Minisinakwa Lake, Sinclair Lake, Mesomikenda Lake, Nabakwasi Lake,
East Shining Tree Lake, Okawakenda Lake, Kapiskong Lake, Tatachikapika Lake, Firth Lake, Duncan Lake, Halliday Lake and many others.
The towns of Gogama and Mattagami are shown with detailed maps of them in the side bar.
Dark green areas delineate the provincial parks of the West Montreal River, LaMotte Lake and Grassy River-Mond Lake Lowlands.
Yellow areas are Provincial Conservation Reserves.
Timmins South Map

Map Detail
along Highway 560 showing contours, contour elevations, spot elevations, lake elevation
boat launch, picnic area, campsite, township boundaries, canoe route and portage and provincial park area.

Map Detail Duncan Lake
Legend Items
Timmins Map Legend
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