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Lake Nipissing to Temagami - Fishing & Recreation Map

View back of map Published in the spring of 2008 this map is the most up-to-date and detailed topographical map of the region.
It covers an area from just south of Restoule and Powassan north to the town of Temagami.

Ontario Region covered by Map
Map Region
The Lake Nipissing to Temagami - Fishing & Recreation Map
28 x 40 inches (contours are not shown here) - This image (28 x 42) includes the Restoule Area which is actually on the back of the map.
Showing: Red Cedar Lake, Tomiko Lake, Lake Temagami (lower half), Restoule Lake, Obabika Lake, Rabbit Lake,
Wicksteed Lake, Marten Lake, Muskosung Lake and many others.
M7 Mapface
Map Detail of the Town of Nipissing area showing townships, lots, snowmobile trails,
campground, museum, garbage dump, firehall, contours, roads, rivers and wetlands.
M7 map detail
Legend Items
Nipissing Legend
View back of this map
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