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Elliot Lake & Blind River Area – Fishing & Recreation Map


Edition 2 published in February 2009 is the most up-to-date and most detailed map of the region.

It covers the region from Elliot Lake to just west of Iron Bridge, north to Rocky Island Lake and Aubrey Falls Provincial Park.

It shows part of Hwy 129 at the top left by Aubrey Falls Provincial Park.


Ontario Region covered by Map: Elliot Lake, Blind River, Iron Bridge, Cutler, Algoma Mills, Aubrey Falls,

Mississaugi River Provincial Park, Spragge, Bark Lake, Rocky Island Lake.

 M1Ed2 Ontario Location


The Map

UTM Coordinates as well as Latitude & Longitude

Mapface Edition 2


A detail of the map, north of the town of Elliot Lake, showing canoe routes, portage distances, 

fish species and fishing sanctuaries, Provincial Conservation Reserve and Provincial Park.

Detail of Rawhide Lake area


Map Legend Items

Map Legend

Fish Legend 

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